With Good Basics, you’ll have Endless Options

Those that move well, are more likely to move often. On the flip side, those that move poorly are more likely to get injured, therefore decreasing their confidence and willingness participate in regular physical activity and are less likely to become life long movers.

Good movers have more choices – choices to participate in a vast range of physical activities.

School Physio & First Aid

Early Assessment = Early Intervention = Better Outcomes
  • Teacher & Coach education
  • Information nights
  • School sports coverage
  • Physio Triage at School

BASE Movement School

Global Movement Skills Transfer to Sport & Life
  • Understanding of Pedagogy + Curriculum based requirements
  • Teacher Education & Professional Development
  • Fundamental Motor Skill Development
  • Education of movement literacy through games
  • Skill acquisition, coordination, balance + stability

High Performance Sport & Long Term Athletic Development Program

Adolescent Specific Training
  • Sports related Long Term Athletic Development Implementation
  • Injury reduction
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Athletic Movement CoachingĀ (Running/Sprinting, Jump/Land, Change Direction/Agility)
  • Injury reduction strategies & screening
  • Athletic testing- Sprint, Vertical Jump, Agility
  • GPS & Load Monitoring
  • Health & Wellness monitoring

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