“It is easier to build strong children then repair broken adults” – Fredrick Douglass

Physical Performance is the ability to move well, and move often. Base Physio + Performance offers professional athletic training and injury rehabilitation with highly qualified and experienced exercise physiologists & performance coaches. Our sessions are individualised to your needs and goals.

Everyone can play, not everyone can perform.
At any level, for any goal it’s always more fun when you’re doing it well.

Youth Development (Under 16 Years Old)

Mastering the Fundamentals

Base Physio + Performance specialise in the development of adolescent movement. We learn to read and write, why don’t we learn to move? These sessions teach the fundamentals of movement literacy to increase confidence, performance and reduce injury risk and pain. The gift of good movement leads to a lifetime of participation.

We develop adolescent movement through:

  • Running Mechanics
  • Jump and Land
  • Change of direction/agility
  • Strength speed and power
  • Coordination balance and stability

Strength & Conditioning

Strength + Speed + Power

Develop your efficiency & athleticism through:

  • Athletic Movement Coaching –Sprinting Mechanics, Agility, Jump & Land
  • Relative Strength Development
  • Athlete Testing- Speed, Agility, Power
  • Access to our Individualised Performance Program App
  • Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning

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