Jack Elliston


Jack Graduated from Latrobe university with a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice after completing a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Jack has a keen interest in sport physiotherapy having completed an exercise science internship with Melbourne City football club in the A-league and is currently the Head Physiotherapist for St Mary’s Salesian Football Club in Division 1 of the VAFA. 

Jack enjoys using a wide variety of evidence-based treatment methods to help you identify and rehabilitate your injuries and pains. Jack has a keen interest in exercise prescription which began  his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science that he has applied into his physiotherapy treatment. Jack is a firm believer that movement is the best medicine for most injuries and will work hard to provide you with a treatment plan that will not only reduce your pain but get you back to doing what you love most. 

Jack has an interest in all sporting related injuries with a special interest in hamstring rehabilitation which started after his own experience after having multiple hamstring strains himself playing football. Jack is still playing senior football for St Mary’s Salesian where he works as the head physio, so he has an acute understanding of the demands and what it takes to continue play at a high level after injury setbacks.

    Best thing about my job:

    • Being able to help someone get back to what they love doing most whether that is sport or other recreational activities that are affected by injury 
    • Being able to meet and interact with a wide variety of people from all different walks of life so that I can become more well-rounded as both a Physio and a person
    • Watching someone through a full rehabilitation journey build confidence in their own body and understand its ability to do whatever we want to do with it to the best of our abilities without fear of injury

    Where you’ll find me on a Sunday:

    • Watching the football 
    • Nursing my own injuries after playing football on Saturday 
    • Playing golf

    5 Things you can expect from Jack as your Physiotherapist:

    • Reliability 
    • Personalised care 
    • Evidence based treatment 
    • Honesty 
    • Poor quality jokes


    Jack’s experiences include:

    • St Mary’s Salesian (VAFA Division 1) Head physiotherapist
    • Exercise science internship at Melbourne city Football club (A-league)

    Jack’s qualifications include:

    • Bachelors or Exercise science 
    • Masters of Physiotherapy Practice